What's the biggest problem in your business?

If it can be solved with technology, we can help. We have spent the past 20 years writing software that works how you work: to help people work faster, more accurately and with less hassle.

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We Are App Developers

Desktop Apps

Desktop apps can read folders on your network and use Excel and Office files: great for integrating with office software. They can connect to scales and scanners and take advantage of big screens and fast access to your office network and database. We develop in Microsoft C# and WPF for an Office look and feel.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are ideal for your mobile workforce, and we're big fans of the Ionic hybrid platform for business applications. These apps work on any mobile device and as progressive web apps on netbooks and desktop computers.

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Cloud Based Apps

Cloud apps are the answer if you need to share information across different offices or with customers and suppliers. Quick to deploy and quick to modify, the app is available on any computer with a browser and an internet connection. We use Microsoft MVC web apps and agile/chilli, a great new super-rapid dev environment.

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How we work

We talk to you about how you work now, and how you want to work in the future: with less wasted time and effort and with more real-time information.


As soon as we have a prototype to show, you’ll see that, and as soon as something is ready to use we will get you working with it so you can tell us what works for you and what doesn’t.


Even after we’ve finished and you’ve been using the system for years, you will think of new ways to improve your workflow, which is why we will support the system for as long as you want to use it.

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We've been developing APPS FOR THE NHS since 1992 and we have just developed an award-winning electronic whiteboard. In recent years we've worked in the FOOD INDUSTRY and in PRODUCT TESTING, especially importing customer files and connecting to Office, SAGE and OPERA. We've also written programs for local and national PUBLIC ORGANISATIONS and for SMEs
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