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How We Work

All businesses have FRICTION: ways of working which mean wasted time and effort, and which make the business slower to respond and get moving. Sometimes there’s a lot, sometimes there’s one or two sticking points.

We talk to you about how you work now and how you want to work in the future: with less wasted time and effort and with more information about how everything is working.

We talk to you about how other companies have dealt with problems like yours and suggest ways that could work for you. Some of these are apps we’ve developed over the years, or we might suggest an off-the-peg piece of software.


If you need us to modify something or create something new, we’ll do that for you. As soon as we have something to show, you’ll see that, and as soon as we have something you can use we will get you using it so you can tell us what works and what doesn’t. Yes, that’s agile development and, yes, we were doing that years before it was called agile or extreme or whatever.


We keep working and changing your system as we find more special cases (edge cases) and as you think of better ways of working.


This process never stops, which is why we will support the system for as long as you want to use it.


Have we talked about databases or platforms or hardware? No. We’ll use whatever works for you.


This diagram shows our development life-cycle. We will help you define the requirements through user profiling and generative research. We’ll define the system in a simple user guide. We’ll use an agile development cycle with frequent releases of working software, even for a fixed-price project. And we’ll support all users as long as you want to use the software.



Who We Are


Nick started as a production engineer in aerospace and testing. After using genetic algorithms for gearbox design he’s now developing apps for the NHS, local government and SMEs. As well as development he’s studying AI and electronics to prepare for the Internet of Things.


Mike has an Elec. Eng. degree and has worked on medical electronics, eCommerce and web app development. He is the author of several Learning Tree courses on Android, Java and security and has delivered these and many more. He develops and provides consultancy for corporate customer-facing Java / JSP web sites and Android apps.


David has an Architecture degree and developed architectural CAD add-ins in CadVance and, later, Microsoft Visio. He’s now a Microsoft MVP: he trains and consults in Visio, Sharepoint and the Microsoft stack. He’s written three books on creating dashboards and diagrams with Visio, one of which is now in its second edition.


Hattie has a Classics degree and in 2014 qualified as a proofreader. She has worked in catering, local government and politics. She deals with purchasing, HR, accounts, invoicing and proofreading.

Nick and Hattie

David J Parker



Who we were



We set up Hattjoys in 1991 to provide Software that works how YOU work


What we were doing then was databases and custom business software for desktop computers. We provided reliable efficient software for a few local businesses, and supported them for many years (some we still do!)


Now we’re changing the focus towards mobile devices, cloud software, SAAS and IoT.


But we know you still need bespoke solutions and re-development of legacy apps. Only now that’s on tablets, wearable electronics and embedded devices.

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