Chilli Barcodes

The Chilli Barcodes system lets you manage your warehouse stock with a Psion Walkabout hand-held scanner or any wi-fi scanner hardware. The Chilli Server service books stock in and out, and helps with stock taking. All information is fed immediately into the Chilli database.


The user interface is as simple as it can be and is designed around the warehouse and stock control operations. We put as much information on the small screen as possible so, for example, users can see the expected levels of stock and compare that to the actual level. The system won’t allow users to move stock to the packing area if it has not been tested and released to production. The system runs as a telnet service so we don’t need to install software on the devices: we can use the built-in telnet client.



flikk has worked on various aspects of Chilli: specific modules we have developed are:



Chilli has now linked up to form agileChilli, an exciting new platform for online Rapid Application Development, and we have already used the agileChilli API to link existing Chilli installations.

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