Chilli Lab

At SMS microbiological tests are booked into a Lab Info Management System: LIMS. LIMS Link helps users import incoming data from the different customers. Each customer sends test requests in a different format: varieties of Excel sheet or PDF document. LIMS Link interprets the incoming data and translates it to the LIMS format, saving time and reducing the possibility of input errors in LIMS Link Datagrid.

“Oh Nick, that’s really really fantastic!!! Just tried it and it’s just what we need! You’ve made my day! Thanks so much! Carole ”

A different module produces invoices from the LIMS data and sends them to SAGE. The invoices are based on complex test suite invoicing rules (think “three for two” or “meal deal”).





flikk has worked on various aspects of Chilli: specific modules we have developed are:



Chilli has now linked up to form agileChilli, an exciting new platform for online Rapid Application Development, and we have already used the agileChilli API to link existing Chilli installations.

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